2005 NEC - National Electrical Code Softcover Version


Stay competitive and up-to-code! The 2005 NFPA 70: National Electrical Code® is today's blueprint for electrical fire safety. Reduce the risk of fire and electric shock hazards, and boost confidence in your electrical installations with the 2005 National Electrical Code. Already directly adopted in many states, this important NEC® edition is fully up-to-date with industry practices, new equipment, and advancements in technology. It's the vital link between electrical equipment installation and safe use by consumers. Major revisions in the 2005 NEC work to improve protection of people and property:

  • Expanded requirements for ground-fault circuit-interrupters (GFCI) call for wider use of these devices in homes, businesses, and public spaces New requirements for arc-fault circuit-interrupters (AFCI)
  • First-time Article 409 introduces rules for industrial control panels
  • First-time Article 506 presents a zone hazardous area classification system for combustible dusts and ignitible fibers and flyings
  • First-time Article 682 covers natural and artificially made bodies of water not classified as swimming pools or fountains
  • First-time Article 353 governs installations using HDPE conduit
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