Building Code Basics: BUILDING




For the first time, readers can gain a solid, working knowledge of critical building code applications without the text-heavy, complex, and sometimes abstract language that complicates many of the more traditional code related books that are available. BUILDING CODE BASICS: BUILDING, BASED ON THE 2009 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE is designed to tackle the basics of the IBC, including its essential requirements and intent, while maintaining an organized, user-friendly, and practical approach. It is one installment of Building Code Basics, a series dedicated to providing high-quality, technically accurate, simplified code books for readers who are unfamiliar with the underlying concepts of the I-Codes. Coverage follows the general purpose of the building code to provide fire, life, and health safety for the occupants of a building. Code references are also included, and when paired with non-technical explanations, they provide added value to the book's usefulness, making this an ideal tool for anyone in or entering the field of design, construction, or inspection of commercial buildings.

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