Electrical Estimating Deluxe DVD Package - 2nd Edition




Electrical estimating is a skill that every contractor and estimator should learn from the ground up. Understanding the fundamentals of Estimating can make or break a career, or make or break a company. Estimating is a way of seeing, in advance, what you will need to properly complete a given project - if you know your costs (time, labor, materials, etc.) then you can do the job correctly and profitably, and in some instances know when it would be wise to not bid on a job. An accurate estimate helps every individual in the electrical business: - the apprentice and electrician to gain an understanding and perspective for the value of their work - the person selling the job, to properly bid so as not to lose money by underbidding or lose the project by overbidding - the contractor to determine the job's selling price and to profitably manage that job once it's sold - and of course, the aspiring career estimator. This DVD program gives you the advantage of seeing Mike and his team of estimating experts explain and debate the steps and important details of the estimate process while determining the break-even point. Program Includes: Mike Holt's Illustrated Guide to Electrical Estimating and 4 DVDs Disc 1: Understanding Estimating versus Bidding, All About Estimating, Understanding Labor Units Disc 2: The Estimating Process, Determining Break-Even, The Bid Process, Unit Pricing Disc 3: The Practical Application - How the whole process works, and how to get it done Disc 4: About Estimating Software.

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