Electrical Wiring Industrial, 16th Edition




ELECTRICAL WIRING INDUSTRIAL, 16th Edition, fully updated to reference the 2011 National Electrical Code®, will guide your students step-by-step through the wiring of an entire industrial building. This book is an ideal resource for anyone who will work in the industrial electricity industry. With a practical, straightforward approach, ELECTRICAL WIRING INDUSTRIAL, 14E begins by covering the tasks and responsibilities facing today's professional industrial electricians, including: installation of electrical service; power and lighting; special new construction systems; changeovers from old systems; planning for growth and increased capacity; and periodic maintenance procedures. Specific references to the 2011 National Electrical Code® throughout the book will show your students how to incorporate codes and principles into everyday practice and procedures. A complete set of industrial building plans is also included, offering your students opportunities for hands-on practice in interpreting and applying Code requirements to sitework, feeder bus systems, panelboards, fiber optics, harmonics, hazardous locations, and more.

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