NFPA 51: Standard for the design & Installation of oxygen-fuel gas systems for welding, cutting, and allied processes


NFPA 51: Standard for the Design and Installation of Oxygen-Fuel Gas Systems for Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes provides the latest fire safety requirements for gas-fueled systems. This 2013 edition was reorganized to coordinate with the maximum allowable quantities per storage area (MAQ) and building controls in NFPA 55: Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Fluids Code, NFPA 1: Fire Code, NFPA 400: Hazardous Materials Code, and NFPA 5000®: Building Construction and Safety Code®. Only the 2013 edition includes: Updated and clarified requirements for oxygen manifolds, including allowable pressures New protocols for mobile acetylene trailer systems coordinate with NFPA 51A: Standard for Acetylene Cylinder Charging Plants Industry professionals, design engineers, and code enforcement officials need NFPA 51 for the latest guidance on cylinder storage, system manifolding and piping, and associated protective equipment such as regulators. The Standard also includes provisions for the use of acetylene generators, calcium carbide storage for acetylene generators, and mobile acetylene trailer systems.

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