Photovoltaic Power Systems for Inspectors & Plan Reviewers




Photovoltaic power systems are being installed throughout the U.S. The power output from PV systems ranges from a few hundred watts to many megawatts. Most of the systems are not operated or owned by any electric utility and therefore come under the requirements of the National Electrical Code. The Code requirements for a typical residential PV system are at least as complex as those for residential wiring, and the direct current (dc) portions of the system coupled with the alternating current (ac) interconnection to the utility grid make PV installations somewhat unique. If these systems are installed by individuals that have little or no experience or training in installing electrical systems, they may be unsafe (not code-compliant) at initial installation, may develop hazardous conditions over the life of the system, and may fail to deliver the full performance of a well-designed and installed PV system. PV installers who pursue additional PV-specific and electrical training and work closely with the local permitting and inspecting authorities perform the best, most code-compliant installations. This book reviews PV systems, explains how each part interacts with the other parts and reviews the Code requirements.

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