Semiconductor Principles and Applications. 2nd Edition




From expanded coverage of diodes, troubleshooting power supplies, and transistor applications, to the latest technologies in the field, this updated edition of Semiconductor Principles and Applications will provide readers with the most current information in the field. Valuable as either a learning tool or a reference guide, the straightforward, clear explanations are accompanied by detailed diagrams, illustrations, and real-world applications for a complete and thorough learning experience. The book begins with an introduction to key concepts such as semiconductor principles and characteristics, diode principles and characteristics, and then builds on this knowledge to tackle more advanced topics such as integrated circuits and microprocessors. With the help of the book's built-in teaching tools like objectives, summaries, and sidebars, users can feel confident they are getting the very latest, need-to-know information that is easily transferable to on-the-job experiences.

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